The Saints deny that Kenny Vaccaro will be benched this week against the Chicago Bears.

"Well, I'd say this, two things: That's inaccurate -- it's one report that's been picked up by a multiple amount of people," Payton said. "I would say it's inaccurate -- he's going to play a ton for us. The role he plays -- I'll leave it at that. I would say it's very inaccurate."

Payton refused to elaborate on whether Vaccaro's role would change this week, but both parties admit that a meeting took place and Vaccaro said that what occured behind closed doors was an eye-opening experience for him and that it changed his career.

"It just kind of revamped me. It's a long season," Vaccaro said. "I had a lot of success as a rookie. I wouldn't say I got complacent, that dog in me ... it kind of started back at The Greenbrier. I forgot where I came from, like how hard it was for me to get here, how much my family went through. I support everyone in my family. That's always driven me. How dare I let up at all -- especially in my second year?

"I can't put my finger on what it was. I needed that. Coach Payton basically changed my career with that meeting."