Garrett Grayson might return to Manning Passing Academy in future _lowres

Garrett Grayson threw 32 touchdown passes last year, a Colorado State single-season record. (Associated Press)

Garrett Grayson got a text from Archie Manning earlier this week, sent from somewhere on the Nicholls State campus.

“Missing you here.”

Grayson knew exactly what Manning meant. A year ago, the Saints’ new quarterback was a camper trying to make a name for himself among the list of big names from bigger schools.

“I’m coming back next year,” Grayson replied.

Grayson, who has stayed in touch with the Saints legend since his camp appearance last summer, got a lot out of his trip to Thibodaux.

An old teammate of Manning’s, Jimmy Stewart, now works at Colorado State, and he tipped off Archie to invite Grayson last summer.

The passer made an impression.

“He had a little gleam in his eye,” Manning said. “He was a little anxious. He was one of those who wanted to see where he stacked up, and he did very well. I kind of kept up with him all year.”