Here’s a look at the personnel groupings the Saints used on offense against the Arizona Cardinals during Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals:

1 RB/1 TE/3 WR: 43 of 70

1 RB/ 2 TE/ 2 WR: 12 of 70

2 RB/1 TE/2 WR: 11 of 70

2 RB/2 TE/ 1 WR: 2 of 70

1 RB/ 4 WR: 1 of 70

1 RB/3 TE/1 WR: 1 of 70

Notes: The Saints favorite their 11 personnel by a very wide margin. It’s also the personnel grouping that had the most success. The Saints averaged 7.4 yards per play out of the grouping. The number is skewed a bit since New Orleans hit on plays of 63 and 59 yards out of its 11 personnel. Only eight of the plays out of the 11 personnel were runs. New Orleans averaged 4.75 yards per play from its 12 personnel (one running back, two tight ends, two receivers) and 2 yards per play from its 21 personnel (two running backs, one tight end, one receiver).


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