The Saints have some degree of interest in Paxton Lynch. That much is clear.

They’ve met with the Memphis quarterback at least twice during the pre-draft process, and worked him out another time.

Lynch’s agent, Leigh Steinberg, confirmed as much during an interview on WWL with Kristian Garic and T-Bob Herbert. Whether that leads to New Orleans selecting the quarterback remains to be seen.

“There is interest,” Steinberg said. “Whether or not they’ll pick him that high I’m not really sure.”

Steinberg doesn’t care if his client is picked early in the draft. What he’s more interested in is Lynch ending up in the right situation.

“The draft’s just a snapshot,” Steinberg said. “I’d much rather have Paxton Lynch go to a good team with a good coach than have him go three or four picks higher and end up like a David Carr or a JaMarcus Russell or any of those players who haven’t made it.”

Steinberg noted that several teams have expressed interest in Lynch. Some of them need a starter right away, while some others, such as New Orleans, could allow the rookie to learn behind the scenes and grow into the role.

Steinberg would be comfortable with either outcome.

“Some of them, if it’s New Orleans, San Diego, they have quarterbacks that are still very, very productive that you’d tuck in someone like Paxton to learn behind the really skilled vet for a while,” Steinberg said. “Then when your starter retires you go to straight to having another franchise, high-quality quarterback.”