Keenan Lewis couldn’t his feelings earlier this week when he watched his teammates get shipped out of town.

The Saints cornerback posted a message on his Instagram account suggesting that he would like to be traded unless there was more guaranteed money added to his contract. It appears he might get his wish.

NFL Network reported Friday night that efforts are being made to appease Lewis. If an agreement is reached, it’s likely he will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

However, another report, which came earlier in the evening said Lewis is being shopped.

Lewis responded again on Instagram, this time with a positive message.

“This is my home,” Lewis wrote. “I (have) been (here) 28 years. From playing a high school championship in here, to helping Katrina victims with a little bit of my college funds, to trying my best to help this beautiful home and people get a Super Bowl. I love this place and every person who (lives) close or in it. Trust me, leaving was never (an) option. I love it (too) much. Who Dat.”