Veteran Saints safety Rafael Bush, now in his fourth season in New Orleans, knows the NFL game well. Bush met with the media following the Saints’ practice in Metairie on Thursday and talked about football’s most popular show.

What’s the difference between a pass breakup and an interception?

Football is a game of inches. One false move, one false step, you can’t get out of your break fast enough, it might cost you an interception.

Do you watch ‘Hard Knocks’?

I watched a few episodes, but the last few episodes, I’ve got to catch up on them.

What have been your thoughts on the Texans?

From what I’ve seen, J.J. Watt is a beast, obviously. And I like DeAndre Hopkins — with him and DeAngelo Hall, I think that (fight) was pretty competitive. Of course, we don’t like to see the fights, but they are entertaining.

Do you ever pick up anything from watching it?

You know what? Honestly, I think some of it’s just good TV. I really do. I think for guys, from the outside looking in, it gives you an insight of what goes on in training camp, but guys like us, we do it every day. It’s kind of normal.

Are you guys eager to watch (J.J.) Watt play?

I think if you’re a fan of the game, you like watching great players. I like watching great players and I pay attention to good players. Of course, he’s one of the best in the league, and I enjoy watching him.

Can you imagine if you guys had the cameras on you? Would that change the dynamics of training camp?

I think it would definitely change the dynamics of training camp. ... Right now we’re just focused on winning games.

Who would they focus on?

Cam Jordan’s a funny guy. Keenan Lewis, the West Bank. BB (Brandon Browner), I call him the angry man. We’ve got a lot of characters on the team, and it might be a good look for people. It’d be good watching.

Why do you call Browner the angry man?

It’s just his demeanor. I’m not saying he’s an angry person. He just gets riled up real quick, and like I said: That early in the year, we need that. We need his leadership, we need his grittiness. We need that for the defense.