Darren Sharper — Sharper was an NFL star safety who played for the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints. During his 14-year career, Sharper was a five-time Pro Bowl player and Super Bowl winner. After retiring in 2011, Sharper took a job as an on-air analyst for the NFL Network. In March 2015, Sharper agreed to plead guilty or no contest to raping eight women in four states.

Tony Stafford — The managing partner of a popular Bourbon Street nightclub, Stafford witnessed Darren Sharper leave another bar with a former Saints cheerleader. Stafford said that Sharper told him the woman was “on the potion.” Sharper was later charged with drugging and raping the woman.

Wascar Payano — A nightclub promoter, Payano introduced Sharper to many women in Miami. Payano was present on two occasions when women alleged that they had been sexually assaulted by Sharper. On one occasion, he took the women in for rape kit examinations.

Brandon Licciardi — A veteran sheriff's deputy, Licciardi got drugs and women for Sharper in Louisiana, according to prosecutors. Licciardi, 30, also allegedly drugged several women and raped one. He awaits trial in New Orleans, and has denied state and federal charges against him.

Erik Nuñez — Nuñez worked at an upscale New Orleans steakhouse and hung around with Sharper, meeting him through work he did for Sharper’s non-profit. Nunez, 27, stands accused of raping two women with Sharper on Sept. 23, 2013, and obstruction. Awaiting trial, Nuñez maintains his innocence.

Blair Berk — A prominent Los Angeles attorney, Berk coordinated Darren Sharper’s criminal defense against accusations that he had raped women in four states. She has represented Mel Gibson, Heather Locklear, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ozzy Osbourne, Halle Berry and Queen Latifah.

Leon Cannizzaro — A former criminal court and appeals judge in New Orleans, Cannizzaro has been the Crescent City’s district attorney since 2009. While he declined comment for this story, his office has grappled for years with well-documented troubles in the NOPD Sex Crimes Unit, often forced to take over investigations when police come up short. The DA's office turned up most of Sharper's victims in New Orleans, but only later, following Sharper's arrest in California. The DA's office didn't have Sharper indicted until December 2014, more than a year after the first report.

Ronal Serpas — Ronal Serpas' tenure as New Orleans' police superintendent ran from 2010 to 2014. He saw a decline in the city’s nation-leading murder rate, but also increases in nearly every other category of violent crime, including rape. Serpas regularly received updates about the probe into Darren Sharper, who drugged and raped several more women after he was first accused of rape in New Orleans in September 2013.

Alejandro Fernandez — Fernandez was a newly hired officer for the Miami Beach Police Department when he received a complaint from two women about a sexual assault at Darren Sharper’s south Miami Beach condo. The case, the first known incident in which Sharper was accused of sexual assault, was closed five days after it was opened with no charges filed. There is no evidence in public records that Fernandez attempted to interview Sharper, other witnesses in the condo, or send the women’s rape kits for examination.

Derrick Williams — A veteran New Orleans police officer, Williams worked juvenile delinquency cases before joining the sex crimes unit. He investigated the Darren Sharper case. Williams was one of five detectives named in a report by the city’s Inspector General for failing to conduct follow up investigations on sexual assault allegations.

Kevin Mace — Mace is a Tempe Police Department detective. He had worked in the sex crimes unit for a little over a year officer when he was assigned the Darren Sharper case.

John Macchiarelli — Macchiarelli was the Los Angeles Police detective assigned to investigate the a sexual assault accusation against Sharper in Los Angeles in October 2013. Three months later, he was assigned to investigate a second allegation of rape against Sharper. He convinced a judge to issue an arrest warrant the next day.

Anne Munch — A veteran prosecutor of sexual assaults, Munch was part of the team that tried Kobe Bryant for rape in Colorado. The case was dropped after the accuser declined to testify, but Munch went on to train law enforcement authorities in sexual assault investigations. She helped to write the rape investigation guidelines for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.