It would be a stretch to say the Saints proved they are who we thought they were. There were reasons for optimism during the three-game winning streak. There were also some bad things that were probably erroneously overlooked because of the outcomes. This team still has a lot to clean up. The season isn’t lost. But realisitically, New Orleans needs to finish at least 10-6 to make the playoffs. That means this team can lose only one more game. The Saints can’t keep giving up big plays, missing tackles and not protecting Drew Brees if they hope to accomplish that task.


All the talk after the game centered on Brandon Browner berating a member of the media for asking Jairus Byrd about a singular play during the game. While some might view this as the locker room going back, the view from here is that this was an isolated incident. There have been no other signs of players acting out or conducting themselves as “bad guys.” Browner was upset. He’s an emotional guy. There’s no excuse for his behavior and he shouldn’t have acted the way he did. But credit to him for tweeting after the fact that he was in the wrong.


It’s funny. A week ago, the feelings here were optimistic. It looked like things were lining up for the Saints to win three more games in a row. Maybe that was always unrealistic. Things were overlooked and not rooted properly. This is a flawed team with things to fix. It was previously said that all talk about the playoffs would be put on hold until New Orleans got over .500. The new rule will be that there will be no talk about the playoffs until the Saints get two games over .500. Things change too quickly, and some faith was lost Sunday.

— Nick Underhill