Moments after a tough loss can sometimes be an awkward time to have to shake your opponent's hand.

Sunday's postgame handshake between Saints coach Sean Payton and Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter seemed to be one of those moments following New Orleans' last-minute 31-24 loss.

Video of the moment shows Koetter and Payton going in for a regular handshake. Koetter offers a congratulatory "Good luck to ya" to Payton and the Saints, who move on to the playoffs despite the loss.  

Things appear to take a turn, however, once a break in the handshake doesn't happen. Koetter seems to pull Payton back in, repeatedly saying "Good luck to ya" with a smile on his face.

Payton then repeatedly slaps Koetter on the chest before saying, "Here's the thing. I got pissed during the last game ..."

"I couldn't see it," Koetter interjects. As he tries to finish his statement, Payton can be heard saying "Come on," before walking way.


When asked about the handshake, Koetter praised the Saints coach -- calling him a "fantastic" football coaching and saying "he's been where I would love to go" -- and says he was just wishing him good luck moving forward.

When a reporter mentioned the seemingly aggressive nature of Payton's slaps, Koetter simply replied, "Well, every guy has their own style, I guess."