INDIANAPOLIS — Neither Dirk Koetter or Sean Payton seems inclined to carry any of last season's conflicts over into the offseason. 

Payton, who was unhappy with Koetter about Mike Evans' cheap shot on Marshon Lattimore in the first game and mentioned it in an awkward handshake after the season finale, called Koetter a "great coach" and a "good friend in Orlando at the Pro Bowl.

Koetter reciprocated Payton's comments on Wednesday at the NFL scouting combine. 

"I'd say that my relationship with Sean Payton is one of respect, from my standpoint," Koetter said. "I think he's a heck of a coach, I've always admired him." 

Koetter admitted that Payton's offense is something he's studied for a long time, going back to his days as the head coach at Arizona State. 

"I was rooting for them, other than when they played us," Koetter said. 

As far as that exchange after the season finale, Koetter didn't shed any more light on the interaction.

"I was wishing him luck in the playoffs," Koetter said.

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