Drew Brees on Dan Patrick Show: Saints would make more than half of two-point attempts _lowres


Drew Brees can see Roethlisberger’s point.

And he thinks the principle could extend to another situation that’s almost an afterthought for most teams.

“I think there’s probably something to be said for it, especially now that they’ve moved the extra point back,” Brees said in an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show before Wednesday’s minicamp practice. “I think there’s some people that would argue that you’d go for it on 4th down the majority of the time as well.”

Brees is confident the Saints could make the strategy count in either situation.

“Personally, I feel like if we went for two, that we could make it more than 50 percent of the time,” Brees said. “And I think fourth down, depending on where you are on the field, I feel like, if you’re in a manageable situation, you could convert most fourth downs. I’m all for it.”

New Orleans converted 10 of 16 fourth downs last season, although the Saints had only one two-point conversion.

But Brees isn’t worried about his head coach’s penchant for taking chances.

“I don’t need to tell Coach Payton to be more aggressive,” Brees said. “I think we’ve got that part of it taken care of.”

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