New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins on Tuesday told his Twitter followers that NFL officials “changed their minds” on the $15,750 fine the league levied on him for a hit on New England Patriots wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins on Oct. 13.

Jenkins tweeted, “Happy that the (NFL) changed their minds on my fine. (Good) call. Now I can enjoy my day off.”

Jenkins didn’t reply to a tweet asking him whether that meant the fine had altogether been taken away, though it certainly seemed so. The league, meanwhile, has not announced anything on the matter.

Officials flagged Jenkins with a 15-yard, unnecessary roughness penalty in the third quarter of the Saints’ 30-27 loss at the Patriots. Thompkins ran across the middle in an attempt to catch a pass from quarterback Tom Brady at New England’s 37-yard line when Jenkins stepped in and hit him.

Jenkins slightly lowered his head on the play, but replays showed he led with his right shoulder, which knocked the ball out of Thompkins’ grasp. The refs nonetheless penalized Jenkins, and he apparently received notice on Thursday that the league would fine him for the play.

That day, he tweeted, “If you had to guess, how much $ does the NFL make per week from player fines? I keep hearing it all goes to charity I need a receipt.”