WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va. — While members of the Saints were given Tuesday off to get away from football, it provides an opportunity for the coaching staff to look over procedures and evaluate players.

With 90 players on the roster, the coaching staff takes time to sit down with the scouts, who are in West Virginia for another week, to discuss the personnel and restack the depth chart. We’ve already seen the results of some of those moves with players like linebacker Kasim Edebali and defensive tackle Bobby Richardson moving up the depth chart in recent practices.

“Every third or fourth night we’ll have that meeting and that might go until, last night, 11:40 or 11:45,” coach Sean Payton said. “You’re going through each position group and you’re just talking about the progress of each player. So, when you’re at 90, obviously, that can take a while.”

The coaching staff also planned to work ahead on getting familiar with New Orleans’ Week 1 opponent, the Arizona Cardinals, and the first preseason game against Baltimore. It also will lay out the practice schedule for the next two weeks, as well as Friday’s Black and Gold scrimmage.

While the players were given the opportunity to get away from the game, they were expected to come in for treatment and to work out.