In a perfect world, Payton would like his kicker to make a 33-yard kick as automatic as the old extra point has been — kickers made 99.3 percent of their extra-point tries in 2014.

If a coach isn’t confident in his kicker, though, Payton thinks the new rule could change a coach’s decision-making early in the game.

“A lot of it would be, how do you feel like you’re hitting those kicks?” Payton said. “Certainly, that accurate kicker, I think, it increases his value a little bit, because he’s going to hit a number maybe higher than the norm.”

If a kicker isn’t a lock to make those 33-yard tries, Payton said he might be more likely to try a two-point conversion.

“I think it would affect possibly when you go for two, maybe earlier in the game than not,” Payton said.

The Saints, obviously, have an open kicking competition between Dustin Hopkins and Zach Hocker after cutting Shayne Graham shortly after the team’s rookie kick.

Payton would like whoever wins the job to make his decisions on extra points a little easier.

“Hopefully, we can convert the point-after kick from that yard line as efficiently as we can from the 2,” Payton said.