1. I think the P.J. Williams selection flew way too far under the radar. That’s what happens when a team drafts a quarterback when it already has a franchise icon at that position. But he should draw plenty of press in the future. If not for a DUI incident this offseason, Williams likely would have been selected in the second round, not the third. Look for him to be in the mix as the nickel cornerback.

2. I think the Davis Tull pick could also pay off. The pass rusher is one of the more athletic players in the draft. He’ll get off to slow start because of March labrum surgery, but the Tennessee-Chattanooga product could have went much higher if he were healthy. It’s a good value.

3. I think it was odd the Saints didn’t place a higher priority on wide receiver. The team only has two sure things at the position in Brandin Cooks and Marques Colston. After that, it’s all question marks, with Joe Morgan sitting on top of the heap. It must mean the team likes what it saw in Brandon Coleman and Seantavius Jones last year.

4. New Orleans promised this draft was going to be about defense. It was all about defense. The 13th pick was spent on offensive tackle Andrus Peat, and a third-rounder was used to draft Garrett Grayson, but those selections came in rounds when the team had other selections. Finishing at the bottom won’t be accepted this year.

5. Remember how thin the cornerback group was last season? That’s over. The Saints now have Williams, fifth-round pick Damian Swann, Keenan Lewis, Brandon Browner, Kyle Wilson, Delvin Breaux, Terrence Frederick, Brian Dixon and Stanley Jean-Baptiste at that position. Some guys are going to go.

6. Speaking of hot seats, Grayson is going to put some heat on Luke McCown and Ryan Griffin. One of those two players is going to be let go. Griffin looked good last preseason, but he’s going to have to show improvement to beat out McCown. Potential isn’t going to win out this time, because Grayson’s potential is now all that matters.

7. With more time to think about it, I like the selection of Grayson even more. You can’t gamble on the good times lasting forever with Drew Brees. You need to be prepared for when that day comes. It makes sense for the long-term health of this franchise. And it’s probably a good thing Sean Payton is thinking long term.

8. Drafting the successor at quarterback rarely works out, but if I’m making that bet. I would want to bet on the team Payton is coaching. If anyone has the ability to draft, develop and mold a quarterback, it’s him.

9. Look up some Grayson highlights on YouTube. The guy throws a great deep pass. It’s also interesting that NFL Network’s Mike Mayock compared him to Brees during Friday’s broadcast.

10. I think draft grades are worthless. They’re fun to read, but it really doesn’t matter what letter someone attaches to your grade. ESPN gave the Saints a “C” for their 2006 draft. Three of the guys from that class are still key players on this team. Nobody knows how things are going to work out, not even the guys picking the players.

11. Having said that, I like the idea behind most of these picks. The Saints took a measured approach to this draft, let the board come to them and pounced where they needed to pounce. The big trade up is appealing to fans on draft day, but that’s not a healthy way to build a franchise.