The Department of Defense agency paid NFL teams taxpayers' money to promote, or advertise, the millitary and armed forces to fans, according to an report on

Millions of dollars were spent on 15 NFL teams in the past four seasons, including the New Orleans Saints, according to a data search on

The Saints received $572,875 in funds from the DOD from 2011-2014. Their rivals, the Atlanta Falcons, have received more than $1 million in funding in that same time period.

An Arizona senator has since called for NFL teams that received the money to donate it to charity in support of veterans.

Here's a look at the Saints' transactions:

Amount; Date

$165,375; March 20, 2014

$157,500; July 2, 2013

$150,000; Dec. 6, 2012

$100,000; Sept. 15, 2011

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