GREEN BAY, Wis. — Davis Tull is still finding his way at the NFL level.

The Saints’ new outside linebacker, a fifth-round pick from Chattanooga, has only been able to learn on the field for the past couple of weeks, a product of surgery to repair a torn labrum back in college.

But Tull was able to flash a few of the skills that made him a coveted small-school prospect in the draft on Thursday night against Green Bay, particularly on the pass rush. On one play, Tull blew past the Packers right tackle and came away with a sack.

The play was nullified due to an illegal contact, but for Tull, the opportunity to get home to the quarterback was still a big development.

“I feel like that’s why I ended up here, for my pass rush in college,” Tull said. “I definitely want to be strong there and improve.”

Tull also got his hand on a Green Bay punt, a key development if he’s going to see action this fall and a major adjustment for a player who was kept away from special teams by the staff at Chattanooga.

A rookie like Tull has to be a factor on special teams, and the Saints put the Chattanooga product on all four units Thursday.

Tull knows he’s trying to master a crash course; in response, he’s leaning on coaches, teammates, anybody with a nuanced view of special teams.

“That’s something that’s certainly new,” Tull said. “Josh Hill‘s a great special teams player, he was coaching me on the sidelines tonight.”