When Saints rookie sensation Alvin Kamara decided to leave on his Santa Claus-inspired cleats during Sunday's game against the Falcons, he knew the NFL might take issue with the decision.

Even though Mark Ingram said the NFL would be the Grinch for fining him. 

Kamara found out Thursday that he was fined $6,079 by the NFL.

"The Grinch stole Christmas," Kamara said.

But he wouldn't change his decision at all.

Kamara felt that his cleats — primarily red, with a wide white strip on top to mimic Santa's liner and three bells on top of the shoe, although the took off the bells — fit Christmas perfectly, and he wanted to wear them. 

"It was worth it," Kamara said. "I told you what I was going to do after the game. I'm going to make a Go Fund Me, I'm going to find a charity, maybe somebody that gets shoes for underprivileged kids, maybe something like a Little League team around here that needs cleats."

Fines collected by the NFL are donated to the league's own charity, the NFL Player Care Foundation and the Players Assistance Trust, but Kamara wants to find a way to make the donation more local. 


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