Former Saints linenbacker Scott Fujita says he almost quit because of a concussion in Super Bowl, "but I chickened out." _lowres

FILE - This Sept. 2, 2010 file photo shows Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita (99) and safety Abram Elam, right, on the bench during a preseason NFL football game against the Chicago Bears, in Cleveland. New Orleans Saints linebacker Vilma has been


Former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita is concerned about the effect that concussions and their long-term effects are having on the game of football, and talked with Peter King of Sports Illustrated for a story on the Monday Morning Quarterback

Chris Borland retired after one year of playing linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. Others, such as President Barack Obama, have express concerns about not wanting their children to play football because of its violence and impact on potential brain injuries.

"The biggest threat to football, long-term, will be diminishing talent pool," Fujita said. "But We don't know if there will be one yet, so everyone should cool it with the hyperbole."

Fujita said a concussion in the Saints' Super Bowl win made him re-examine his willingness to play football.

"A week or so before free agency began (in 2010), everything cleared up, I felt good, and I realized I still wanted to play," he said.

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