ATLANTA — Junior Galette hasn’t stopped thinking about his former team.

The defense end, now a member of the Washington Redskins after being released by the Saints this offseason, posted a number of videos on social media discussing his former team.

“Oh, look at the ‘Aints. How cute,” Galette said. “They won their seven games and they’re not in the playoffs.”

In an earlier video, Galette predicted the team would not win the game. He then poked at the team by pointing out that he will be “getting paid” to sit at home during the playoffs.

Galette is on injured reserve with a torn Achilles.

He then took another shot at the team about his contract. New Orleans signed Galette to a four-year, $41 million early in the 2014 season, only to release him during the offseason.

The deal contained guarantees that the Saints are still responsible for.

“One more, this is what’s going to hurt them,” Galette said. “They owe me $5 million. Cut the check, Mickey (Loomis). I’m going to get it in March.”