After the game was over, Kenny Vaccaro, smiled, revealing that his tooth was knocked out during the game, and joked that Drew Brees only had to throw seven touchdown passes to cover for the defense. No one on this team is going to argue for the merits of the defense. The unit stepped up when it needed to step up in some moments, but Eli Manning had his way with this group much the same the way Brees had his way with the Giants. But the important thing coming out of this game is that the Saints faced adversity and found a way to come to back. That counts for something.


The offensive performance was truly incredible. And that’s a big step forward for this group. There have been some issues here and there, including in last week’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, but the offense broke out in a big way. There were were explosive plays, Mark Ingram averaged 5 yards per carry, and everyone catching passes from Brees looked like a legitimate weapon. This group probably will never be this good again — no one can expect that — but it’s probably fair to raise the bar a bit from where it stood entering action. No more excuses. We now know how good this group can be.


Last week, after the Saints beat the Colts, it was noted here that it was too soon to start thinking about the playoffs. That’s still the case. We saw the Saints do this last year, and the season ended up falling flat. If this team can beat the Titans next week and get over .500, then maybe it’s time to start looking down the road a bit. But it has to be noted that something feels different about this team this year. This was the kind of game the Saints probably would have lost last year. That group folded under adversity. This team is finding ways to overcome it.

— Nick Underhill