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Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- TE Benjamin Watson (82) makes a catch as S Rafael Bush (25) defends during the Saints' first practice of the 2015 Training Camp in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

Tight end Ben Watson is entering his 12th season in the NFL and third with the Saints. And he and wife Kristen are expecting the birth of their fifth child, a daughter around Aug. 20, meaning he’s likely to miss the workouts against his original team, the New England Patriots. Watson talked with Ted Lewis on Thursday following the Saints’ first practice:

You’d think as a veteran you’d be able to schedule these babies a little better, especially since this is the fifth one. What happened?

We usually do plan these things better, but this time we didn’t. I miss my wife terribly, especially with her home nine months pregnant and four little children. But I’m going to be there to catch the baby. I may be heading out of the Greenbrier a little early. This organization understands that family is the most important thing, though.

What was the best thing you and your family did this summer?

We couldn’t go very far, so we went to Pensacola Beach for two weeks. We stayed in a hotel condo, so we had the pool and we had the beach. The Blue Angels were in town, the kids went to the pool very day and I worked out at a local facility. It was great family time together.

Are you as spry as you were when you were a rookie?

No, but I think I’m smarter, I understand more how to take care of my body and peak when I need to peak. It’s definitely more of a process than just jumping out of bed and going to practice.

How is the food at the Greenbrier?

I don’t know. All of our meals are prepared by the Saints staff. But I’m sure it’s very good.

How much have you been in touch with Jimmy Graham since the trade?

A lot. Jimmy’s a close friend and somebody I grew to love while we were here together. It’s some about football, but really about life. Jimmy’s had a lot tragedy in his life and he’s had a lot going on in the last few months. So we talk a lot about life. He’s doing fine.

Ted Lewis

Injury report

OUT: S Jairus Byrd (undisclosed), WR Marques Colston (undisclosed), LS Justin Drescher (undisclosed), LB Davis Tull (shoulder), DT Glenn Foster (undisclosed), CB Brian Dixon (undisclosed), OL Antonio Johnson (undisclosed)

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