For the most part, Sean Payton has tried to stay out of the ongoing legal battle between Tom Benson and his children.

Nearly every time he’s been asked, Payton has said his knowledge of the case stems mostly from reading headlines in the news.

And when Payton was asked about the potential decision coming down in Benson’s competency trial, he initially wanted to move on to the next question.

Payton ultimately decided to offer his support for the man who’s been his boss ever since 2006.

“He’s been a tremendous owner,” Payton said. “With regards to that, you’d have to really be on top of every specific argument. For me as a head coach, getting the job in ’06, which was my first year, I’ve said this before. He’s been a fantastic owner. Very supportive. I can’t think of one time that’s been really frustrated you. He’s been probably the main reason we were able to win a Super Bowl championship.”