ESPN NFL expert Bill Polian expects the Saints to be aggressive in the NFL draft _lowres

Former general manager Bill Polian (The Associated Press)


Bill Polian doesn’t think the Saints are going to stand pat and let the draft come to them.

With nine picks in the draft and three within the first 44 picks, the former Bills, Panthers and Colts general manager and current ESPN analyst expects New Orleans to be aggressive in the draft and go after the players it wants. And Polian especially expects this to be the case if defensive players start flying off the board before the Saints come on the clock for the 13th pick.

“I’m not sure they’re going to stand pat,” Polian said during a conference call. “I think they have ammunition to move up and it’s likely they would do so — not likely, but it’s possible they’d do so particularly if the key defensive players start to come off the board early. That’s the reason for trying to move up.”

Polian said he likes the moves the moves the Saints have made this offseason — even if some difficult decisions had to be made to get the salary cap in order.

“While you hate to lose a player of Jimmy Graham’s caliber, you want to try and see if you can’t create a defense that’s very reliable and I think in their mind that’s job No. 1. However they do that in draft — either standing pat or moving around — I think that’s where their focus is going to be.”