Bill would create fund to help lure Super Bowl, other major sporting events to Louisiana _lowres

FILE- This Feb. 3, 2013 file photo made with a fisheye lens shows fans lined up to enter the Superdome before the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Gene Puskar, File)

New Orleans Super Bowl host committee statement:

“Congratulations to Minneapolis on their accomplishment. While we are disappointed in today’s decision, we are very proud of the presentation and work that went into our bid and putting our city in the best possible position to win. New Orleans’ reputation as a Super Bowl host is second to none, and we know there will be future opportunities to showcase our city’s unique culture, spirit and love of major events to the NFL. Most importantly, we have to thank Mr. and Mrs. Benson, Rita Benson LeBlanc and the entire Saints staff for their essential support and unwavering enthusiasm about New Orleans’ position as a Super Bowl city.”

Stan Harris, president of the Louisiana Restaurant Association:

“I’m very surprised. Obviously it’s disappointing for everybody, not just in the community, but the hospitality industry, tourism industry, hotels and the rest of us. There was a lot of work that went in by a lot of people to put together a very creative proposal and quite innovative as well. We couldn’t have a better team representing us. With what we have to offer here with the facilities, the cuisine, the attractions and the very accessible footprint, it has historically been very attractive to the Super Bowl and other national events.

“Maybe one of the takeaways is that this tells us we have to work on some of our other infrastructure and facility needs and increase our hotel capacity. Part of our hook was the 300th anniversary of the city, and that didn’t carry any water apparently. That happens. We understand it may be appealing to us but maybe doesn’t have the same allure to someone else.”

Marilyn Carlson Nelson, member of 2018 Minnesota Super Bowl Bid Committee (On NFL Network):

“It concerned me that if New Orleans won again, that it would be very discouraging for other cities. It would have been hard to come back, but we’re here and we won.”

Steve Wyche, NFL Network commentator:

“It’s a huge boon for the Twin Cities, and once again, the cold weather argument is out the window. Public funds were put forth for the new stadium. You build it and they (the Super Bowl) will come. Besides the Vikings, the Atlanta Falcons contingent has got to be the happiest. They put a shovel in the ground (Monday) to build a new stadium, and you better believe they are going to be in the run for Super Bowls coming up. They see the trend.”

Albert Breer, NFL Network reporter (via Twitter):

“I think America should built a new stadium in New Orleans. Just to make sure big events are always there. Winner = America.”

Peter King, Sports Illustrated (via Twitter) :

“Congrats, Minnesota. Don’t see why NFL couldn’t have awarded NO in ’18, Minn in ‘19. Now NO has no hook for its next SB. Could be a while.”

Mark Wilf, Minnesota Vikings president:

“It was nerve-wracking but a great sense of relief and excitement. We knew it would be a close vote. The other cities did a great job, but we felt good about our bid. … Even though it’s cold outside, it’s an incredibly warm community, very welcoming and very hospitable. They will do a great job hosting this.”

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay (Indianapolis was eliminated first):

“I really see another one down the road for us. We had to lose one before we got one the last time (2012). And we will continue to be persistent. I know Bob McNair (Houston) was persistent until he got another one, and if it takes persistency, then I know we have the type of reputations that could earn another one.”

Gary Estwick/Special to The Advocate