Associated Press photo by JOHN FROSCHAUER -- Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson


1. PHILADELPHIA (predicted finish: 10-6)

Is Nick Foles as good as his numbers? The answer to that question will determine how far the Eagles go.


The Redskins have talent. But there are too many questions surrounding this team to feel confident about anything.

3. N.Y. GIANTS (6-10)

It’s hard to get too down on this team. The Giants have some talent. They need to figure out how to put it together.

4. DALLAS (5-11)

Is it time to count the Cowboys out? They have issues on both sides of the ball that could sink their season.


1. NEW ORLEANS (12-4)

This team has all the talent it needs on the roster. Now the Saints’ job is to go out on the field and prove it.

2. ATLANTA (10-6)

The Falcons are way better than they played last year. Getting healthy and fixing the offensive line should help.

3. CAROLINA (6-10)

The Panthers lost too much at wide receiver. Kelvin Benjamin might be the answer, but he might not.

4. TAMPA BAY (7-9)

Is Josh McCown as good as the Bucs think? If he is, this prediction could look bad come December.


1. GREEN BAY (12-4)

Having Aaron Rodgers for a full season, plus a stronger running game, should put the Packers back in the title hunt.

2. CHICAGO (10-6)

If Jay Cutler can stay healthy and minimize mistakes, the Bears have the talent to get into the playoffs.

3. DETROIT (5-11)

There are too many questions surrounding the Lions to think that they can compete for a division title.

4. MINNESOTA (3-13)

Can you bet on a team with Matt Cassel under center? Adrian Peterson can’t do it all by himself.


1. SEATTLE (12-4)

The Seahawks have the talent to win the Super Bowl again. Percy Harvin should also be healthy.


Will some key losses allow the up-and-coming Arizona Cardinals to jump the 49ers in the standings?

3. ARIZONA (10-6)

The Cardinals have a very talented roster. The only problem is that they are trapped in this division.

4. ST. LOUIS (7-9)

This is yet another talented team, but the lack of firepower on offense could once again be an issue.


Wild-card round: Packers over Bears, 49ers over Eagles

Divisional round: Seahawks over 49ers, Saints over Packers

NFC Championship: Seahawks over Saints

Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks over Patriots