Saints’ play action has been deadly this season _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SCOTT THRELKELD -- New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his teammates on the offensive line, including guard Ben Grubbs (right) dine out together on Thursday nights, a tradition the players say builds their cohesion on the field.

Saints left guard Ben Grubbs enjoyed his first five NFL seasons in Baltimore, but not so much the steamed blue crabs.

The city is known for its crab houses, fueled by the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and thousands of mallets.
Grubbs wasn't impressed.
"When I first got there (in 2007), (Ravens right guard) Marshal Yanda was my roommate. And of course, we had to try out the crabs, the whole crabs," Grubbs remembered on Wednesday afternoon, in between preparation for Monday night's Saints (4-6) game against the Ravens (6-4) at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome
How were they?
"It was a terrible experience," he said. "It took us forever to get into it. It wasn't fulfilling either."
So I guess Yanda won't need to bring you any on the flight from Baltimore...
"I just stuck with the King crab legs, which has a lot more meat inside. For us big guys, that's probably what we'll go for."
Grubbs has not tried soft-shelled crab Po-Boys, a fairly-recent craze to New Orleans. How knows - it might be meaty enough for Grubbs' liking.
So it comes as no surprise that the Big Easy is at the top of Grubbs' list of seafood destinations, as opposed to Baltimore.
"I think New Orleans has one-up on Baltimore," said Grubbs, who hails from Columbus, Ga., and attended college at Auburn.
Still, his neighbors might need to back off the Zatarain's a tad the next time they invite him to a New Orleans-style crab boil.
"It was really spicy, man," he said. "Good God!"