With linebacker Junior Galette set to meet with the league office soon about a domestic violence incident, the New Orleans Saints have submitted a YouTube video of a Miami beach brawl to the NFL office for review.

A man wearing a white shirt, white shorts, white shoes and sunglasses can be seen in the video striking two people, including a woman, multiple times with a belt, then returning to the fight later and throwing several more punches. The video was uploaded to the website on March 25, 2013.

“We were made aware of the video, and we sent it to the league office,” a Saints spokesman said Saturday. “There is a process this will go through at the league office level, and we are waiting on that to be determined.”

Galette’s attorney, Ralph Whalen, said he doesn’t believe the man in the video is Galette. Galette’s agent did not respond to The Advocate’s request for comment.

The same video was posted on another website, MediaTakeout.com, in February. But MediaTakeout.com took the video down shortly after it was posted.

“It was told to the website that it wasn’t Junior, and they felt obliged to take it down based on the information that was given,” Whalen said. “I don’t understand why this thing is being dragged back into this poor fellow’s life again.”

Asked whether the video circulating Saturday was the same one posted earlier on MediaTakeout.com, Whalen said it was.

“I’ve seen it a bunch of times,” Whalen said. “It certainly doesn’t convince me that it’s Junior. I don’t know what basis anyone can look at that video and say that it’s Junior.”

Galette is scheduled to travel to New York at the end of June to meet with the NFL office about a January altercation at his home that led to an arrest on one count of simple battery related to domestic violence.

Kenner officials later dropped the charges, citing a law that requires two people to live together to pursue a domestic violence charge, and no other charges were filed. A subsequent civil suit alleging that Galette trapped the woman in an abusive relationship is pending, but it appears to be in limbo after the woman’s original attorney dropped the case. No new attorney has taken it over at this point.

Galette, who spoke to reporters Wednesday for the first time since the arrest, said he believes that incident is behind him and apologized to Saints fans for his off-field conduct.

“I definitely consider it case closed,” he said.

Under the NFL’s new personal conduct policy — adopted in December after a rash of domestic violence incidents that included Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson — the league mandates a “baseline suspension of six games without pay for violations involving assault, battery, domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse, other forms of family violence or sexual assault, with consideration given to possible mitigating or aggravating circumstances.”

Galette was optimistic Wednesday that the January incident would not result in harsh penalties.

“As far as the news I’ve received, it’s nothing but good news,” he said. “Because obviously, it didn’t really look good on her part that the case got thrown before it even got to court. So as far as my agent and my lawyer’s concerned, everything’s good right now, and we’ll find out at the end of the month what’s to be determined.”

Staff writer Ramon Antonio Vargas contributed to this report.