A familiar face is roaming the Manning Passing Academy practice fields at Nicholls State this weekend.

Sean Payton’s son, Connor, is headed into his freshman year of high school, and the Saints coach decided to sign up his young receiver/H-back for some work under the watchful eyes of the Mannings and their fleet of counselors.

Archie Manning has been trying to get Payton on board for years.

“You know, Sean, I’ve been telling him about it for years, but he’s always at the beach,” the elder Manning said. “Connor’s going into the ninth grade, and he said, ‘Signed up Connor for camp, I’m all in.’ … He wants to coach.”

Payton isn’t the only NFL head coach in attendance in Thibodaux this weekend. Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy, a former Saints’ offensive coordinator himself, also has a son participating in the camp this year.

Before the end of the first practice, Payton had made his way to the field.

“He’s kind of sitting in on our staff meetings,” Manning said. “He was pretty impressed with our speed camp last night. Sean’s pretty enthusiastic. He’s all in.”