Since joining the team in 2006, quarterback Drew Brees has helped the Saints win their only Super Bowl, make their only two NFC Championship Game appearances, clinch three of their five division titles and make half of the franchise’s 10 playoff appearances all-time.

But he will not support the Saints’ efforts to pass a bill that the NFL Players Association says will limit the amount of workers’ compensation benefits the state’s professional athletes can collect.

“Don’t get involved in politics often but Fighting 4 my teammates & LA workers,” Brees said Tuesday on Twitter. Referring to the name of the proposed measure, Brees added, “Say NO to Bill 1069” and linked to an information sheet on the legislation from the NFLPA.

Passed in the Louisiana House of Representatives last week and headed to the Senate for consideration, the bill seeks to calculate workers’ compensation wage-loss benefits for hurt professional athletes on earnings up to the point of an injury — and not for earnings that would have been made if not for an injury. The language is based on rulings from a state circuit court of appeal in Jefferson Parish.

The NFLPA points out that those rulings were made in one jurisdiction — where the Saints’ administrative headquarters and training facilities are. In a ruling from a state circuit court of appeal in Orleans Parish, where the Saints’ home games are played, it was found an injured football player’s workers’ compensation should take his yearly salary into account, as it would all others employed by an annual contract.

The Saints have declined to comment. But the NFLPA says Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson and his family brought the bill to Reps. Chris Broadwater (R-Hammond) and Cameron Henry (R-Metairie) for sponsoring. Broadwater confirmed that was the case.

Brees used to sit on the NFLPA’s executive committee.

Note: The Saints’ rookie minicamp will consist of five practices between Friday and Sunday, the team announced. Media will have access Saturday.