Gameday: Saints at Ravens _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Saints WR Seantavius Jones (15) catches a pass during the Saints' morning Training Camp practice Wednesday in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

After spending most of last season on the practice squad, second-year wide receiver Seantavius Jones is in the thick of the chase for a regular roster spot this year. He spoke after Wednesday’s morning practice.

How much pressure is there to have a standout performance every day?

You’ve got to remember that this is a training camp, so of course you’ve got to go out and do your best every day and limit your mistakes. It’s a lot of pressure, but you’ve got to stop looking at it like that and instead go out, have fun and do your thing.

You have a new wide receivers coach in John Morton. How is he to work with?

Coach Morton is a very serious coach. If you can get a hand on the ball, he wants you to grab it. He wants you to make every block. And if you mess up and line up in the wrong place, he doesn’t want to hear it.

You and Brandon Coleman seem to be very close to each other in numbers. What’s that like for two guys trying to make the team?

Brandon and I are very close because we’re roommates. We know it’s competition, but we both hope the other makes the team, too.

How does it feel out there (now) as opposed to last year in your knowledge of what’s going on?

I’m a lot more comfortable because this is my second year. I know the offense, and I know special teams because that’s going to be a big role for me. And I don’t have to do things like singing in front of everybody at night anymore.

The coaches talk about evaluating the roster every three or four days. Do they ever talk to you about that?

They give us pointers, but they never tell us where we stand. Everybody has enough reps that that doesn’t let you know anything.

How much are you looking forward to Saturday’s scrimmage breaking up the monotony of training camp?

It’s a very serious day. Game situations are when you really show what you can do. I’ve got to go out and make plays.