Former Saints player Steve Gleason throws his support behind Ice Bucket Challenge 2015 in August _lowres

Former Saints player Steve Gleason


Former Saints special teams ace Steve Gleason is back in for the 2015 edition of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

Gleason released a statement and a video on his Team Gleason website, throwing support behind the second edition of the ice bucket challenge, which went viral and raised well more than $100 million for organizations that combat the disease.

Team Gleason got more than $1 million from 18,000 donors in 2014, less than half of one percent of all the money raised during the Ice Bucket Challenge. The foundation used the money to donate more than $1.8 million worth of communications technology and equipment to people with ALS.

According to the statement, the organization plans to spend more than $600,000 more by the end of the year to donate more communications equipment, even though the organization’s funds are dwindling.

Team Gleason is also launching the “Give the Word” campaign in conjunction with the beginning of the Ice Bucket Challenge at the beginning of August.