Jon Dorenbos

The New Orleans Saints traded a seventh-round pick in 2019 for a long snapper late Tuesday night, picking up Jon Dorenbos in a move aimed at finding consistency at a position they've tinkered with throughout the offseason.

Associated Press file photo

When the Philadelphia Eagles traded Jon Dorenbos to the New Orleans Saints, they traded away a fan favorite. 

Dorenbos found a silver lining in being sent away from a city that adored him.

Now, he gets a chance to really get to know a city that's always fascinated him.

"I was very fortunate to have 12 years with one organization, and I had a great time there," Dorenbos said. "It is what it is, and actually New Orleans was one of the three teams coming out of college that I wanted to play for."

Dorenbos, at 37, could see the move coming even if the Eagles fan base didn't. 

"They had a younger guy in that was doing really well, and I knew the organization wanted to go that direction," Dorenbos said. "What my future was going to be hold was kind of, to be determined."

Dorenbos was elated to find out the Eagles had found him a landing spot, and one that already had long-time friend Thomas Morstead.  

"Thomas, we met years and years and years ago, been friends with him for a long time," Dorenbos said. "To work with him, he's a phenomenal punter."

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