Tulane’s women’s basketball team has not been relying on the performance of one or two players.

Instead, the Green Wave has been able to use its bench frequently. During the 70-40 win over Houston on Tuesday, Tulane played 13 players, and 12 of them scored.

In both the Cincinnati and Florida State games, Tulane used 10 players.

“One, it certainly helps you in games when you want to keep the tempo up, and fatigue doesn’t become a factor, but it also helps you throughout the season,” Tulane coach Lisa Stockton said. “It’s a long season with 30 games. As you’re able to have a deeper bench, certain players won’t have a lot of minutes.

“The nice thing for us is we have quality depth. We’re getting some great play off of our bench. There’s not one player that you have to key on.”

Tulane (10-2, 1-1 American) will host South Florida (11-3, 2-0) at Devlin Fieldhouse on Sunday. The Bulls are on a five game winning streak after defeating Memphis 70-39 on Wednesday.

While the Green Wave has a deep bench, the Bulls will be matching that, according to Stockton.

They rebound very, very well, and they also have depth,” said Stockton. “They’re a team that will use a lot of players and have different packages. If you’re in a zone, they have different players that they play that can shoot from outside. They do well against man(-to-man). They do well against zone. They’re a very nice, balanced team.”

South Florida is averaging 44.2 rebounds while holding opponents to 35.9. Alisia Jenkins averages 11.5 points and a team-leading 10.9 rebounds. Courtney Williams paces her squad with 17.8 points per game.

Kolby Morgan paces the Green Wave with an average of 12.5 points, while Danielle Blagg checks in at 8.8. Tiffany Dale has a team-leading average of 6.4 rebounds. Tulane averages 67 points while holding opponents to 53.3.

“One thing about us is we have a deep bench,” Tulane senior Adesuwa Ebomwonyi said. “When people come in, we all contribute. When we bring people in, it doesn’t stop our flow. We keep it going.”

One difference Ebomwonyi sees between this year’s squad and last season’s is the energy.

“Well, this year, I feel like we’re more into it. We have team chemistry,” she said. “We have this winning attitude. We want to come out there. We want to be competitive. We build off each other. I just feel like we’re more into it this year.”

Stockton also sees the enthusiasm.

“I’m really happy with just the energy we’re getting,” she said. “One thing I think, when you play a lot of players, you don’t necessarily get the same energy from every group. We really are. I think we’re getting great play from everyone. We don’t let up. We kind of call it our second wave. We’re able to go out there and really be able to keep that tempo high.”