No. Name Ht. Wt. Cl.

12 Tanner Lee 6-4 220 So.

1 Devin Powell 6-3 241 Jr.

14 Glen Cuiellette 6-0 213 R-Fr.

TAKE NOTE: Lee has all the assets to be a top-flight QB, but he wasn’t ready to succeed as a redshirt freshman surrounded by even younger receivers. All eyes will be on him in the opener to see whether he makes better decisions. Powell, who has a big arm but struggles on simple throws, is next in line if Lee gets hurt.

Running back

3 Sherman Badie 5-11 189 So.

33 Lazedrick Thompson 6-0 219 Jr.

26 Dontrell Hilliard 5-11 195 So.

28 Rob Kelley 6-0 220 Sr.

7 Devin Glenn 5-8 164 Fr.

TAKE NOTE: The Wave is loaded here. The first three guys are interchangeable, each providing a different skill set and coming off a season with at least one 100-yard game. Badie is the breakaway threat. Thompson is the sledgehammer. Hilliard is a combination of both and an excellent receiver. Kelley, who has not played since 2013, is physical. Glenn is the team’s fastest player.

Wide receiver

9 Teddy Veal 6-0 192 So.

8 Devon Breaux 6-0 181 Jr.

5 Terren Encalade 6-1 186 So.

85 Larry Dace 5-10 173 Sr.

TAKE NOTE: Other than Veal, none of the wideouts are proven. Encalade is the only other member of the group who had double-digit catches a year ago.

Tight end

84 Charles Jones 6-4 234 So.

83 Trey Scott 6-2 222 So.

89 Kendall Ardoin 6-5 228 R-Fr.

TAKE NOTE: When is the last time a team’s tight ends caught more passes than the receivers? It’s possible for Tulane, with Jones doing his damage from the traditional tight end spot and Scott exploiting mismatches by lining up in the slot.

Offensive line

LT 68 Arturo Uzdavinis 6-7 305 Sr.

72 John Leglue 6-7 298 R-Fr.

LG 61 Colton Hanson 6-6 305 Jr.

73 Leeward Brown 6-3 344 Fr.

C 66 Nathan Shienle 6-5 311 Jr.

51 Junior Diaz 6-3 292 R-Fr.

RG 75 Chris Taylor 6-3 320 Jr.

50 Brandon Godfrey 6-4 294 So.

RT 78 Todd Jacquet 6-5 292 Jr.

79 Kenneth Santa Marina 6-6 324 So.

TAKE NOTE: This group has tons of experience but still needs to prove it’s talented enough to get the job done. Four starters return, including three first-teamers since 2013 (Shienle, Uzdavinis and Taylor). If they can protect Tanner Lee and open up holes consistently for the tremendous stable of running backs, the offense will rise dramatically. But those are two big “ifs.”

Defensive line

DE 48 Royce LaFrance 6-3 259 Sr.

90 Robert Kennedy 6-1 243 R-Fr.

DT 77 Tanzel Smart 6-1 304 Jr.

99 Calvin Thomas 6-3 275 Jr.

NT 94 Sean Wilson 6-3 271 So.

96 Corey Redwine 6-2 328 Sr.

DE 87 Ade Aruna 6-5 241 So.

92 Daren Williams 6-3 243 So.

TAKE NOTE: This is a talented group. LaFrance, who had 13.5 sacks over the past two years while still falling short of his potential, finally appears fully invested. Smart is a force in the middle, and Wilson showed ability as a true freshman starter. The only concern is the other end spot, where the promising but raw Aruna figures to share time with Williams. Neither produced last year.


MLB 52 Eric Thomas 5-11 243 Jr.

55 Eric Bowie 6-1 227 R-Fr.

WLB 20 Nico Marley 5-10 208 Jr.

56 Rae Juan Marbley 5-11 231 So.

TAKE NOTE: If Thomas stays healthy, the Wave should be solid here. He was more steady than the bigger, more heralded Edward Williams last year, so the decision to sit Williams for academic reasons may not hurt. The dropoff behind Thomas is huge, though. Marley, a playmaker who only occasionally gets hurt by his diminutive stature, will start for the third straight year.


CB 17 Parry Nickerson 6-0 182 So.

19 Taris Shenall 5-10 171 Fr.

NB 6 Jarrod Franklin 6-1 208 So.

39 Sam Davis 6-0 177 Fr.

SS 21 Donnie Lewis Jr. 6-0 178 R-Fr.

30 Tristan Cooper 6-0 181 So.

FS 2 Darion Monroe 5-11 206 Sr.

38 Roderic Teamer 5-11 191 Fr.

CB 23 Richard Allen 5-10 178 Jr.

11 Dedrick Shy 6-2 172 Fr.

TAKE NOTE: Tulane has three new starters, but the only real concern is strong safety, where the inexperienced Lewis and Cooper are in a dead heat to replace 2013 and 2014 tackles leader Sam Scofield. Opponents will shy away from Nickerson, but Allen and Franklin appear ready for the challenge. The depth chart is dotted with an impressive freshman class, most of whom will play.


K 62 Steven Logan 6-1 185 Fr.

36 Trevor Simms 6-4 199 Sr.

42 Andrew DiRocco 6-1 173 So.

P 31 Peter Picerelli 6-0 194 Sr.

PR 9 Teddy Veal 6-0 192 So.

2 Darion Monroe 5-11 206 Sr.

KR 3 Sherman Badie 5-11 199 So.

8 Devon Breaux 6-0 181 Jr.

LS 97 Michael Lizanich 5-11 210 Jr.

72 John Leglue 6-7 298 R-Fr.

TAKE NOTE: The first objective is to not be awful. Tulane is still looking for someone who can boot field goals consistently after it made only 8-of-16 a year ago. The Wave also got nothing from its return game and has pretty much the same cast of characters. Picerelli appears ready to bounce back from a poor junior year.