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National campaign to end child marriages arrives in Louisiana; backers say state law must change

BY DAN BOUDREAUX | Special to The Advocate

MAMOU — A Florida woman who helped spark what has become a growing national movement to end child marriage in the United States brought her message to Louisiana this weekend. Read more

Complex bill would make it harder to challenge a father's paternity rights in Louisiana


A complex paternity case that raises questions about how Louisiana defines families is moving from the courtroom to the Legislature.  Read more

New Orleans couple finds love in the jury box, marries in same courtroom three years later


He was juror No. 1 and she was the alternate. They thought they were meeting to decide a theft case — but love was on the docket. Read more

Louisiana's family medicine doctors increasingly come from international medical schools


Family medicine doctors in Louisiana have started to hail more and more from international medical schools in recent years, as the state looks for doctors to fill primary care shortages and international schools see Louisiana as a prime landing pad for graduates.  Read more

Louisiana Republicans lobby Trump to pare back tariffs, but shy from direct showdown


WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s announcement of new tariffs on foreign-made steel and aluminum caused concern and some alarm among Louisiana’s largely Republican congressional delegation, who worry about the plan’s effect on the state’s massive ports and the possibility of an escalating trade war. Read more

Photos: Lafayette celebrates St. Patrick's Day with bar crawl, live music during annual Celtic Bayou Festival

Revelers clad in green celebrated St. Patrick's Day at Lafayette's annual Celtic Bayou Festival Saturday, March, 17, 2018.  Read more

James Gill: If Banksy created Neal Morris' Donald Trump mural, he'd be in the clear

By James Gill

When they came for M, he asked to see the law he had broken, but they ignored him. Read more

Jeff Sadow: How did Louisiana dig up its budget hole? Overspending; Luckily, there's a fix for it...

Jeff Sadow

To tackle a looming state budget deficit, it helps to know how Louisiana got to this point. Read more

Political Horizons: Bid for government spending transparency may stumble on Louisiana tax break openness


A crowd of mostly Louisiana businessmen and businesswomen audibly “ohh”-ed at a recent demonstration of the “Ohio Checkbook” — a user-friendly website that tracks checks written by government agencies, detailing where the money came from and where the money went. Read more