Santa may overlook certain things, but society does not. Ladies and gentlemen, this year’s long-awaited, much anticipated Naughty List.

The gentleman at the Petroleum Club who demanded I direct him to the trash can and men’s room. Sir, The Advocate is not a tabloid; trash is not our stock and trade. And while we’re happy to talk, it’s normally not to a man about a horse.

The well-dressed woman, not only chewing gum, but chewing it with her mouth open. My dear, this is simply not allowed. Only cattle get away with it.

Those still stopping in the traffic lane at the Chick-fil-A drive-through. Not only is this illegal, there are several “Do Not Stop on Pavement” signs clearly posted. Louisiana’s public image has enough trouble without pretending you can’t read.

Likewise, the local TV meteorologist who said, “The sun has rose.”

The ticketed brunch, a portion of which was to benefit aging musicians, that promised flutes of Champagne and hors d’oeuvres, only to serve a thimbleful and a $5 surcharge for food. At some point, it’s no longer fundraising, it’s grifting.

The institution that issued invites to the gubernatorial gala and ended with “Media members who attend should dress in business casual attire.” We don’t know who’s been coming in their skivvies, but it’s not The Advocate.

Miles the Maine Coon cat, affectionate at first, but then flipped and started a fight. If I wanted that, I’d get married again.

The woman who screamed at the Lancome counter vendeuses because her sable eyebrow pencil had been discontinued. Lady, it’s just makeup, not murder.

The photographer who rolled up on my photo-op, ducked under my arm and snaked it, saying “You weren’t fast enough.” Given your lack of professionalism, you may be better off ambushing C-list celebrities in their backyards.

And finally, the petulant radio sports talk host who hangs up rudely on call-ins. Anyone in legacy media is lucky to have followers, much less one caring enough to call. So don’t be surprised if one day, when you reach those Pearly Gates, they swing shut as you hear St. Peter say, “This is MY show. Click.”

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at

A Berry Merry Christmas

Nothing but nice here. Society maven Cathy Indest welcomed guests to her New Iberia Marie Street home for cocktails and Christmas cheer. Guests were three-deep around the buffet table while others spilled onto the terrace for a nighttime view of the oaks and Teche, among them former Gov. Kathleen Blanco and husband Raymond, both looking sharp; artist Paul Schexnayder; plein-air competitor Jerome Weber; collector Becky Collins and Iberia grande dame Harriet Shea. We can personally vouch for the jambalaya, onion tart and coconut cake, also that Lafayette hostesses should be very afraid — the bar is high if you want to beat this one.

Santa Baby

Definitely some naughtiness going on for sure. Heidi McDonald hosted members of the Krewe of Xanadu for a Christmas party at her Rue Chavaniac home. Given by the Ever After Court to celebrate new members and the coming carnival season’s VIPs, there were sexy Santa outfits and elves for days. And, we’re told “Santa” and King Xanadu Greg Saloom arrived late on the scene as a surprise. What we loved: Sorry Santa, but it was Maverick the rescue pit bull. A scene stealer if there ever was one.


The Daughters of the American Revolution Galvez Chapter hosted their annual Christmas tea at the Alexandre Mouton House. Sunshine and warm temperatures blessed the ladies, who came out on the bright side of a rather messy weather event, and there was standing room only. Among the many making merry and bright on the first day of December were debs, mothers and grandmothers, including Caroline and Emily Burdette, Kate and Sheila Stanford and Kim and Amelia Summerhays. Jane Noble poured, the bacon sandwiches were divine, and genealogist Toni Turk generously offered to trace Fête’s ancestry. An honor, but I’m afraid we’re not so much DAR as Civil War Sooner.

All’s Well

Wellness Spa Studio celebrated success and the season with hors d’oeuvres and wine on Bertrand Drive. Fans, friends and family toured and toasted, among them Marie Paule Savoy, Sandy Swearingen and Becky Berner — it’s not every day you get to eavesdrop on women talking motorcycles — attorney Diane Sorola, Teeta Chappuis and politico Mimi Methvin. Joey’s provided the party bites, there were discounts and door prizes for all, and congratulations to birthday girl Andree Gerami and to blast-from-the-past Ellen Deaton, whose son James is working on his physics doctorate in Maine.