This is the Chinese Year of the Pig. Bear in mind the Chinese have a very different attitude toward the animals symbolizing their zodiac than we do. They believe the events of the year are affected by 12-year cycles, which ancient astrologers thought linked to Jupiter’s orbit around the sun. Over time, it was observed that humans born in these years were influenced and exhibited similar traits, unlike those born in other years.

This year will have a feel-good factor for those associated with the sign, with the economy taking an upswing and good times in general.

According to "The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes," I am The Dragon, described as colorful, exotic and a symbol of good fortune and power. The Chinese regard dragons as sacred, not the beasts of Western culture one needed to slay.

People born in dragon years are honored and respected, regarded as gifted, original, successful and fearless. Of the dragon’s many talents, it is originality that stands out the most, and they are always able to see other avenues where others only see brick walls. Events and inventions associated with dragons are the electron microscope, mechanical heart and the civil rights movement.

It just so happens my former co-columnist and longtime gentleman friend was born in the Year of the Pig. These people are generally quite loyal and have an excellent sense of humor, but they can be pig-headed and intractable, out-and-out pleasure seekers, and have a fondness for being pampered. The Pig is associated with the transistor radio, the Rorschach inkblot test and the discovery of Australopithecus, a group of extinct primates closely related to modern man.

That explains a lot.

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at

Lunar New Year Festival

The Asian Chamber of Commerce collaborated once more with the Lafayette Chinese Immersion Program, the Lafayette Chinese American Association and several University of Louisiana at Lafayette Asian student organizations to host their second annual Lunar New Year event. Having outgrown last year's venue, the festival was moved to Parc International downtown. Getting their good luck on in the New Year were Chamber treasurer Brad Hoang, money tree men Adam Hyman and Alex Moreau and La Vie Medspa's Wen Depriest and granddaughter Alexia, who graciously gave us a piece of White Rabbit candy.

Spice Girls

Ladies of the Krewe of Victoria held their ball at the Cajundome Convention Center, all to the tune of “Spice Girls of Victoria.” The lobby was alive with cayenne peppers, some flashing, but none as flashy as Mardi Gras man Dustin Aguillard and his pepper hat. “It was just there on the table,” he said humbly. Flashy also was the gentlemen’s floor committee, not the least of which was Mike Huber and Don Johnson — the only one allowed to flirt, we’re told. Queen Victoria Lisa Harrell reigned, and Prince Albert John Zuschlag played royal consort.

Still the One

And still the one the ladies line up for. Les Brigands de Lafitte held its ball and tableau at the Heymann Performing Arts Center. Tailgating was strong — some women seized their spots in line at noon and took shifts to ensure their places — including Linda Alesi, Margaret Trahan, Elise Colomb, Pam David, Melanie Mellington and Meetzie David, who said she'd been attending since she was 12 in 1961. Keeping them in line, as usual, was Merlyn Crain, a performance unto herself, and performing their floor committee duties were escorts extraordinaire Adam Judice, Chase Texada, Bill Humphries, Richard Foard, Gary Fudge, Sterling Lejeune and Peter Piccione, while first in line and looking it was Marianne Lane. Brigands is a secret men's krewe so we'll just leave it there.

Allons a Washington

The Mystick Krewe of Louisianians stopped by the Governor’s Mansion for breakfast and the ceremonial crowning of this year’s 2019 Queen. Congratulations to King Ray Brandt, Queen Alexandra Pharr and the princesses from Acadiana. Bon voyage. Pharr is a Lafayette native and the daughter of Allyson and “Tiger” Mark Pharr III. She is a student at Texas Christian University.