Feng shui is the ancient art of placement to facilitate health and happiness. The words translate to wind and water. It’s the Chinese philosophy of laws that govern space, arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. Its favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when designing rooms.

You must get your yin and yang correct, or your chi (pronounced chee) will be off-kilter. Chi is the life force thought to be in all things, and its balance is believed to be essential. (It is the principle underlying acupuncture, which addresses the flow of energy also.)

According to interior design experts, it is especially important to feng shui your bedroom, for botched chi can not only affect your sleep, but relationships and overall health. For instance, you must leave equal space on both sides of the bed, which must also have ample elevation from the floor for the flow of chi. Nightstands are better round, not square. Don’t position the bed beneath a window, or your chi can be sucked right out. Doors are tricky. Don’t align your bed with the door, but position it as far away as possible, or too much chi chases you at night. Too much clutter is a bane to chi, as are too many books, and the television must go (it’s the magnetic field.)

Other don’ts include mirrors (they invite infidelity), under-the-bed storage (interrupts the flow of chi), and plants and flowers (they have too much yang). Also remove any aquariums and pictures of water or rivers, as they are believed to be negative and invite robbery.

American philosophy believes that a big dog at the door accomplishes the same thing.

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at Fete@theadvocate.com.

Lights, Action, Apollo!

The big dogs are out now. Billy Evans, Jimmy Poole and Ted Viator hosted cocktails at Evans’ Myrtle Place home prior to Apollo’s Red Carpet announcement party at River Oaks. Last season’s royalty, King and Queen Apollo XLI Scott Meddows and John Bertrand, will cede their crowns to successors, King Apollo XLII Olajuwan Alexander and Roxie C. Black (Kailin McCoy). Viator greeted guests and led the Champagne toast. His majesty-elect had a killer red stole, the meatballs were die-for delicious and ball Captain Michael Perioux will have his hands full come Mardi Gras. Looking good in the neighborhood: Huntor Dake, Seward Broussard, Hunter Fontenot and Lillian Thornhill from Shreveport, who makes the trip every year for this party. “Eat, drink and be merry,” Viator said. “Jimmy’s paying for everything.” Apollo’s theme this year is the movies.


The Lafayette Public Library held its adult spelling bee. Proceeds go toward Lafayette Reads Together for books. Put on by the Lafayette Public Library Foundation, teams gathered to spell like (rhymes with spell), and coming out on top were The Stingers, Judy Kennedy, Sally Herpin and sponsor Pam Stroup. Looking spiffy were the Dewey Decimals, and according to Keith Guidry, their team was named after Mr. Decimal. “It’s been a long day,” he sighed.