The University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Performing Arts Theatre will open Marcus Gardley's "The House That Will Not Stand" on March 12 in the Burke Hawthorne Theatre on campus.

Performances, which run through March 15, are at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Sara Birk directs the modern retelling of the Golden Age Spanish classic, "The House of Bernalda Alba," reimagined in New Orleans on the cusp of the Louisiana territory’s integration to America.

After the death of their white patriarch, the free women of color of the Albans family must navigate a changing New Orleans in 1836. The story is rich in cultural history, exploring Voodoo, slavery and the practice of placage, by which rich, white men would pay to take free women of color as mistresses, according to a news release.

The cast includes Lacey Howard, Imani Lecoq, Imani McCullam, Ashlynn Gary, Zachary White, Kristina Hoskins, Cheryl Shelton and Monique Morton Desrouselle.

Tickets are $15 at