Today is National Haiku Poetry Day. You do have your decorations out, right?

Observed annually on April 17, this special day is meant to encourage everyone to try to write this Japanese form of poetry, which doesn't rhyme and normally consists of three lines with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5.

Fortunately for you (and us) we have on staff at The Advocate a master of the haiku: Smiley Anders. 

Here, presented in all their syllabic glory, are Smiley's haiku: 

Ode to Immobility

River crossing blues

Gridlock on Baton Rouge bridge

Swimming is quicker

Just Necessities

Buying storm supplies

Batteries, beer, water, beer

Bread, beer, Spam, chips, beer

Flood of kindness

A year of flood tales

Neighbors, strangers lend a hand

Good news in bad time

Cajun Dinner

Water for rice boils

Stirring oil and flour for roux

Now, what should we cook?

Sad Remains

Brick chimney in field

House and its people long gone

Lives vanished like smoke

Pleasing Santa

Lactose, weight problems

No milk, cookies for Santa

He likes Glenlivet

The Easy Way

Duck hunting weather

Low dark clouds, steady cold rain

Or buy duck at store

Spice Not Nice

Fall flavor alert

Pumpkin spice beer seen in store

Pass it by quickly

Catch of the Day

Those Carnival beads

Bags and boxes fill attic

Worthless but priceless

Hog Wild

Autumn on the farm

Sharpen knives, get out the pot

Say goodbye, Porky

Write Smiley at He can also be reached by mail at P.O. Box 588, Baton Rouge, LA 70821. Follow Smiley Anders on Twitter, @SmileyAndersAdv.