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Lacey Maynor

Lacey Maynor is the community development manager with Advancial Federal Credit Union. Lacey partners with businesses and organizations to help their members benefit from what Advancial offers. Her job is to build relationships, something that is very natural to her. Lacey is a people person, she loves helping others succeed and her job lets her do that every day.

Lacey is very connected to our community; she is involved with One Acadiana, the Leadership Institute of Acadiana, Vermillion and Broussard chambers of commerce, and the Acadiana Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM). She believes in playing her part in building a place where she is proud to live and it shows. Lacey also has a delightful obsession with Harry Potter that shows her playful side, and some of her answers made me laugh out loud.

What was your first job? Selling Cutco knives. Lasted about 2 months.

Describe a typical day in your life. Hit the snooze button for about 30 minutes, get up, grab coffee that my wonderful husband always has ready, get dressed and head out for the day. What I love about my days is that none are typical. Sometimes I’m in the office all day, sometimes it’s full of networking events, and others it’s meeting with new partners or potential partners. But most days end with a quiet night at home with the family.

What advice would you give the younger you? Be OK with who you are.

What event in your life most shaped who you are now? I can’t pin it down to one event, but I can pin it down to one job. I spent almost five years as the Assistant Director with the AmeriCorps program at UL-Lafayette. I had no experience and absolutely no idea what I was doing. My first day was the new team’s first day and I was terrified. I was thrown WAY out of my comfort zone and had to figure out A LOT as I went. I learned and grew more than I ever thought possible and constantly reflect back on that time and how it has made me who I am today.

What values do you live by? Treating others how I would want to be treated.

What do you most appreciate? The amazing people in my life. I have been incredibly lucky.

What is your favorite journey? The one I’m on right now. It’s scary, exhausting, and there’s never a dull moment. But I’ve never been more fulfilled.

Where is your favorite place to be alone? My car

What living figure most inspires you? I have so many people I could name for this one. It’s changed depending on where I was in life, but right now it’s my stepdaughter. Aside from being a teenager, she’s amazing and inspires me daily.

What was the best advice you were ever given? Both from my dad: “Don’t ever miss the opportunity to take a nap,” and “Life’s not fair; deal with it”. Apparently I tried to use that argument a lot growing up.

What book would you tell everyone to read? I like to read to escape. “My Life as a Dog” was about the Jack Russell that played Eddie on the TV show Frasier. I think I cried for the majority of it because I was laughing so hard. I had a Jack Russell at the time that rivaled the dog in the book, so I might have found it more relatable than most people. Regardless, it’s still a fun, light read especially if you’re a dog person.

What is the best thing about where you live? The food and the people. There’s a palpable sense of community and pride here that I don’t think many places have.

How do you "let the good times roll"? Anyday when I get to stay in pj’s all day is a good day. (That’s my introvert showing.)

What did you want to be when you grew up? A veterinarian. Until I realized that there would be some really, really hard parts of that job that I don’t think I could do everyday.

What is your motto? Do your part

How would you like to be remembered? As someone who helped solve problems rather than create them.

What do you say to yourself when you doubt yourself? Shut up and do it

What three things are vital to BEing YOU? Down time, dogs, a plan

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? I say it’s “Put it on the list”. My husband said it’s “I’ll just be a minute”

What is your favorite word? Muggle

What do you collect? Harry Potter stuff. I now have several mugs, a wand, a cloak, a snitch and a sorting hat (all thanks to my hubby). And of course all of the books in hardback. But I think my favorite is the sign I have in my kitchen that says, “Clean up after yourselves. House elves don’t live here”. The other people in my house don’t find it as amusing as I do.

What food could you live on for a month? Fat Albert’s fried chicken.

What would you change about yourself? Nothing. Everything about me, good and bad, has gotten me to where I am, and I’m pretty happy with where I’ve ended up.

Describe yourself in five words. Introverted extrovert battling OCD tendencies.

What is your idea of happiness? Being surrounded by the people I love.

What is your favorite movie? "The Incredibles 2"

What music defines who you are? Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s motown, sometimes it’s pop, sometimes it’s some good oldies. It’s never country.

Who is your style icon? The mannequins at Loft?

What do you most regret? Waiting so long to take chances.

What question do you wish I'd asked? What’s your favorite trip?

What would the answer be? We honeymooned in Greenland. It was absolutely incredible. We went dogsledding, sailed through icebergs on a fishing boat, got in a tiny plane and flew over the Great Glacier, and kept beer cold on the window sill. I also got to see my husband fully embrace his inner viking which was pretty great. I think his beard is here for life.