Gabriel LXXX Dr. Thomas Joseph Montgomery and Evangeline LXXX Madeline Mercer Busch, daughter of Bradley and Renee Busch, reigned over the Grand Ball of the Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Association on the evening of Mardi Gras, March 5.

The Heymann Performing Arts and Convention center stage, depicting an interior palace ballroom scene, provided the backdrop as members of the Royal Court took their bows.

The ball began with the presentation of the association's crest. King Gabriel entered next, followed by the queen, who was escorted by John Swift, president of the Greater Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Association.

Serving as royal honor dukes to the king were E.J. Krampe and Bill Dedo.

Royal dukes serving the king were David Baker, Larry Brauns, Chuck Duhon, James Lochridge, Robert Davis, Luke Elliot, Clay Théard, Gene Lognion, Hunter Trahan and John Verzwyvelt.

Presented as maids of honor to the queen were Claire Koke, daughter of David and Betsy Koke, and Jennifer Dedo, daughter of Bill and Yvonne Dedo.

Maids to the queen were Selia Abshire, daughter of Stephen and Martha Abshire; Natalie Brauns, daughter of Larry and Teal Brauns; Sydney Duhon, daughter of Chuck and Michelle Duhon; Lillian Lochridge, daughter of James and Jan Lochridge; Madeline Mahtook, daughter of Robbie and Judy Mahtook; Blair Sibley, daughter of Bryan and Shelly Sibley; Cecile Théard, daughter of Clay and Carrie Théard; Madeleine Thibeaux, daughter of David and Nanette Thibeaux; Courtney Trahan, daughter of Hunter and Renae Trahan; and Jillian Verzwyvelt, daughter of John and Julie Verzwyvelt.

Pages to the king were Bradan Bourg and Paxton Leger. Pages to the queen were Britain Busch and Jared Quoyeser.

The court jester, Ani Domingue is the daughter of Scott and Crystal Domingue. 

When members of the court were assembled following the Grand March, Gabriel LXXIX Dr. Michael Judice and Evangeline LXXIX Lauren Guilliot were presented.

Joel Theriot designed and constructed the set for the ball.