The Order of the Troubadours Ball was held on Feb. 3 in the Frem Boustany Ballroom of the Heymann Performing Arts and Convention Center.

The title of the ball was "Richard's Plantagenet Rose: Garden Treasures of the British Isles."

Queen Berengaria of Navarre LXVI Alexa Catherine Gray and King Richard Coeur de Lion LXVI Stanley Babers Blackstone reigned over the festivities.

The royal court included Lady Edith Plantagenet of Aquitaine Selia Grace Abshire and Sir Kenneth, Knight of Huntington Dr. Jon Damian Leleux. 

Royal maids and dukes were Jillian Grace Barczyk, Dr. David James Barczyk, Catherine Compete Anderson, Bennett Boyd Anderson Jr., John Pierce Morvant, Olivia Estelle Rush, Dr. Michael Stephan Haydel, Elizabeth Alane Haydel, Ann Louise Babineaux and Joel Paul Babineaux.

Royal attendants were Karter Hayes Cox, George Campbell Womack, Lorelai Elyse Dickinson, Margaret Allene Morvant, Max Alfred Prellop, Andrew Covington Clement, Sarah Kalif Morvant and Lauren Ashley Quoyeser.