The Krewe of Xanadu held its 29th annual ball March 1 in the Cajundome Convention Center with a theme of “United We Stand" and dedicated to the United States military.

Reigning over the festivities were Queen Xanadu XXIX Stephanie Fakier and King Xanadu XXIX retired Maj. Gregory J. Saloom.

The queen is married to Wayne Weilbacher and is mother to Alicia and Erik Schmidt. She is vice president of compliance and business development at 1st Option Health Care Services, where she has worked for 21 years. Saloom retired from the Judge Advocate General’s Office with over 20 years of military service in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves. He is an attorney in private practice and an adjunct professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in criminal justice and political science studies. The king is married to the former Shari Yount, and they have two daughters, Katherine and Jordan Saloom.

Xanadu’s Captain Paula Goodman made her grand entrance as the Joint Chief of Staff. She is from Lafayette and married to Eddie Goodman. They have one daughter, Emily Goodman, along with his two daughters, Amy Clark and Jennifer Rougeau.

Each member of the Royal Court, Xanadu’s nine Greek muses, represented various branches of the Armed Forces or aspects of the country.

Lisa Hawkins, as Calliope, Xanadu’s head Muse, represented Lady Liberty and was escorted by Jim Richard.

Wendy Carroll, as Erato, represented the Marines and was escorted by Blake Carroll.

Sarah Delahoussaye, as Polyhymnia, represented the National Guard and was escorted by Mike Delahoussaye.

Allison DeRouen, as Urania, represented the Air Force and was escorted by Howard DeRouen III.

Amanda Landry, as Terpsichore, represented the Army and was escorted by Timmy Landry.

Rachel Lasseigne, as Euterpe, represented the Navy and was escorted by Elmo Lasseigne II.

Elaine Morrow, as Thalia, represented the Secret Service and was escorted by Frank Morrow.

Angelle Patin, as Clio, represented the Constitution of the United States and was escorted by the Rev. Dr. Justin Patin.

Lisa Vidrine, as Melpomene, represented the Coast Guard and was escorted by Ron Vidrine.