The Krewe of Galatea celebrated “Galatea’s 20/20 Vision” at its ball and tableau on Feb. 8 at the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium.

Queen Galatea L Anna Cefalu was presented as a woman of the next decade, "The 20/20 Woman."

Accompanying her were pages Meah K. DiMatteo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew DiMatteo and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Price Hains; Rosalie E. Leonard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Devin Leonard and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cefalu, and Peyton E. Walter, daughter of Jade Hardaway and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hardaway.

King of Galatea LI Bryan Belle ruled as “The New Decade.”

The king was attended by Jude S. Traver, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Traver; and Albert J. Waguespack IV and Case C. Waguespack, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Waguespack III, grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cefalu.

Court members defined the past 100 years.

First Maid Jennifer Arabie portrayed "1920s Transportation" and was escorted by Aaron Brown as "The Driver."

The sound of the Golden Age was represented by Second Maid Annie Brown as "1920s Jazz" and Duke David Fontenot as "The Musician."

The third royal couple portrayed "1920s Entertainment" from Hollywood. Maid Yvonne Marcell portrayed "The Silver Screen," escorted by Duke Ryan Landry as "The Director."

Fourth Maid Joellen Fuhrer portrayed "America’s Pastime" with Duke William Cefalu Jr. as "The Baseball Player."

In the Galatea tradition, the members’ young daughters were introduced. Ladies-in-waiting were Jeanne N. Devillier, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stan Beaubouef; Mary Grace Garber, daughter of Deborah Garber and granddaughter of Jo Ann Blanchard; and Madison C. Landry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Landry.

The captain, whose name is not revealed, portrayed the “Roaring 20s Prosperity."

Parade lieutenant Deborah Garber represented the 1920s culture of excess and partying, "Prohibition."

The Board of Directors and officers, lead by float lieutenant Mary Marcell, represented the infamous 1920s "Mobsters."

Krewe members were paired as elements from the 1920s with their counterpart showing 100 years' worth of evolution: radio with Netflix; Charleston with hip-hop; newspaper with social media; 1920s female pilots with 2020s female fighter pilots; suffragists with working women; and flappers with female designers.