His Majesty King Gabriel LXXVI Pothier Jean Voorhies III held his royal luncheon at the Cajundome Convention Center amid family and loyal subjects. The Second Line played outside to welcome one and all, while inside security was heavier than the White House as dukes and maids posed for portraits upstairs. Among those awaiting their boutonnieres and corsages were Queen Evangeline Ann-Riley Lane and her parents, Clif and Marianne Lane; Paul Beaullieu; Ansel Stroud; the king’s wife, Becky Voorhies; Ron Boustany and Mary Grace Boustany; Sport Voorhies; Josh and Lindsey Billeaud; Audrey Mallia and Colleen Broussard. What we loved: Stylish stand-outs Dawn Johnson, whose husband coaches with the Saints, and Marianne Lane’s St. John suit. We can’t remember a more stunning Queen Mum.

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