I have always belonged to the George Thorogood School of Drinking: “One bourbon, one scotch, one beer.” Believing that alcohol is best alone, pure and unadulterated, and other ingredients only muddy the water and hide the true purpose, I am therefore opposed to summer’s new slew of beer cocktails.

For the uninitiated, a beer cocktail is beer mixed with one or more other ingredients. For instance, a Pabstmosa (beer and orange juice) for the morning and beer, rum and Cointreau for the afternoon. To be paired not with beer nuts but pine nuts.

To the men in the room, allow me to say this once again: From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, men have fought this nation’s battles on the air and land and sea, and they didn’t do it with a Schlitz-Spritz in hand. A Boilermaker, maybe (a beer chased with a shot of whiskey) or a Sake Bomb (pouring sake into a shot glass and dropping it into a beer via a pair of chopsticks), but not by downing an Oranj-a-Bloom.

As I’ve said before, beer is what it is and deserves its centuries-old record of working-class respect. The United States of America has always been an honest, hard-drinking nation, and attempts to make beer effete and overly refined do it — and you — an injustice. Please, do not let our country catch you with a Coorsmopolitan.

One final plea: Gentlemen, you are what you drink, and women like you just the way we like our beer — straightforward, so we can see what we’re in for, deep, earthy and gentle, but strong.

And rich.

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at pgannon@theadvocate.com.

Young Alumni Social

This group’s like a B-12 shot. The Young Alumni from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette gathered at the Wurst Biergarten for a cocktail meet 'n' greet. The goal? A restart and just getting people to hang out. “Our young alums are the least engaged,” said President Millie Nugent. Rescheduled from the previous week because of Tropical Storm Cindy, the 35-and-younger set enjoyed beer and a play date, with more to come in the future, such as a trivia night and football activities in the fall. Energetic and outgoing were Assistant Directors of Alumni Erica Falgout and Tucker Sappington, Heather Gillard, Laura Verret and UL-Lafayette Athletics Department reps Carleigh Collins and Melissa Minton, who said new Athletic Director Bryan Maggard was sadly unable to make it because of a previous engagement.

Chicks Love Beer

It appears to be true, they do. Social Southern Table & Bar held a Chicks Love Beer tasting with tapas, courtesy of Great Raft Brewing from Shreveport. The menu was three courses — pickled shrimp, wild boar sausage and Alabama peaches — with appropriate beer pairings in between. “We use our own Cajun country rice from Crowley and malt from the Carolinas,” said south Louisiana brand manager Roger Taulli. “You can make hops do most anything.” Being social were Suzette Emling, Abby Guidry and Kim Edmiston, who knows her beer and what she likes to drink — Abita’s Big Easy IPA. What we loved: The Southern Drawl Pale Lager — you can call that citrus all you want, it’s peaches.

Wine & Dine

What better way to beat the midweek monotony: Charley G’s teamed up with Stoli Group for a ticketed evening of tapas and wine. Market manager Ryan Smith brought his Achaval-Ferrer cab and Malbec, while chef Holly Goetting cooked up smoked salmon tartine and lamb ragout. Tasting the tempranillo were Gerald and Cookie Gesser, Jennifer Somner, Jill Prudhomme and Butte La Rose ambassadors Kathy Buchman, Marlene Gieseler, Betty Ardoin and Sylvia Berg, who like Fête, believes a good red goes with everything.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

What better way to spend a Fourth of July weekend than watching the Yankees play the Astros. Legendary Lafayette sportscaster and former voice of the Cajuns Don Allen got to do just that with family and friends in Houston. “No score, bottom of the first,” said Allen, a lifelong Yankees fan. “This is great. This is really great.” The Yankees bottomed out 8-1, but, hey, you win some, you lose some.

Simply Irresistible

Artist Rhyanne Bayham tagged one of her four-part, female, Picasso-esque series “Patricia," so how could we resist. “My inspiration was that women are strong,” Bayham said. Inarguably so, and Bayham’s other body of work can be viewed at Paul Michael’s, just not this one. It sold immediately — now we know how Mona Lisa felt.

Applause, please

Lafayette Schools Federal Credit Union received recognition at the Louisiana JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy’s quarterly meeting. Receiving the award was Lafayette’s own Angela Morrison, marketing supervisor and former president of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Alumni Association.