September was fashion’s biggest month. It’s when New York Fashion Week takes place, now dubbed the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for its official sponsor, and only industry insiders and other terrificos get to attend. The rest of the world must do its best to not only figure out what to wear but what they’re talking about. Thanks to the phrases below, you, too, can update your wardrobe as well as your runway fashion lexicon:

Flirty vibe: A vibe is an emotional state sensed intuitively. Flirty means to behave in a way that makes someone believe you’re sexually attracted to them but don’t wish to be taken seriously. Flirty is the lowest level on the Hoochie Meter. Simply put, you look like you might but you never, ever will.

Enough sass without going over the top : See flirty vibe. This can register anywhere below Miley Cyrus. It will be very hard to wear if you’re an adult and way too easy to go over the top.

Structured but feminine: Characteristic of Donna Karan and Yves St. Laurent. This is somewhere between a suit and a negligee, and only they know where that is.

Getaway go-to: Alliteration is a requirement in FashionSpeak. A getaway go-to is an article of apparel you go to when you’re getting ready to go on your getaway.

Textures galore : This refers to an abundance of feathers, leather and pony hair all in one outfit or single item. The last person to pull this off was Janis Joplin. Sometimes British comedian Russell Brand does it.

Fashion forward: It means one day soon people could be wearing this, but as of now, you’re the only one.

Troubadours fete new court

There were more guests than places to put them as Order of the Troubadours made way for its new royalty. The City Club found a way, however, keeping several bars busy and brunch fare coming. “It’s a presentation of past king and queen, plus this year’s total royal court,” said retiring Richard the Lionhearted Peter John. Don Johnson and Oakley Montgomery will reign supreme this year with Mike Crochet as Sir Kenneth, and among those paying their respects were ball chair Darrellyn Burts, senior king Vernon Coffman, Colleen Barczyk, Raymond and Suzan Allen, Mitu Dasgupta, Lee Ann Remondet, Miles and Glenda Matt and a gentlemanly Matt Hill. What we loved: Suzan Allen’s hair, Sylvia Olinde Weigand’s royal blue and Alexa John’s coeur de lion.

Santa’s Soiree

The society shoppers were lined up at the door as the Junior League of Lafayette packed both levels of the Cajundome Convention Center for their long-awaited Tinsel & Treasures fundraiser. VIP shoppers and sponsors always get the first shot, and in that seasonal shopping mode were Monica Zuschlag, Beth Finch, Gail Savoie, Corinne Cotten, Sharon Moss & Co., pageant girl Michelle Merrill, cover girl Danielle Cromwell and Iberia Bank’s Barbara McCarty, whose compliments are better than wrapped-up presents. Proceeds from Tinsel & Treasures help fund the League’s civic projects year-round. What we loved: Blaise Zuschlag’s boots, Fleur-de-Lis candles and the fried pecans — what’s Christmas without a little excess.

JL Hosts Style Show

The Junior League of Lafayette held its annual Tinsel & Treasures Style Show, courtesy of red dress diva Sharon Moss. Format changes this year included style show before and luncheon afterward, all within intimate, curtained-off Cajundome quarters, and among the many retailers on the runway were Brother’s, Little Town, Vanessa V and Mary Ellen’s Tux Shop. Enjoying the glamorous Fashion Week ambience was Lemon Drop’s Lane Walker and guest Jill Caillouet, Emily Foreman Babineaux, Pat Olson, Janet Begneaud, Pauline Gerami, Larayne Guidroz, and busy leaguers Summer Viator, Mary Vinson and Michelle Merrill. What we loved: Tuxed-up LBA president Kyle Gideon on parade, Moss’s up-do and Vanessa V’s brown leather jacket — what’s not to like about biker chic.