LAFAYETTE - State Rep. Taylor Barras announced today his departure from the Democratic Party.

Barras and his wife, Cheryl, both made their switch to the Republican Party official Friday morning at the Iberia Parish Registrar of Voters office, according to a news release.

“Today I changed my party, but not position on the issues,” Barras stated in the release. “I have always believed that the number one issue in Louisiana is improving the economy by putting businesses in position to grow and create jobs while reducing the size and cost of government.”

Barras said his decision was reinforced after meetings held with constituents after the legislative session.

“It has been my pleasure to work with the Louisiana House Democratic Caucus during my first term,” he stated. “I have come to learn over the past (four) years that every member of the state legislature, regardless of their party affiliation, wants a better, more prosperous state. I look forward to maintaining a good working relationship with my fellow Democrats as we continue to fight for a better Louisiana.”